Calatayud – a city and municipality in the province of Zaragoza, is part of the autonomous community of Aragon . Calatayud is located on the river Jalon, in the middle of the mountain range Iberico. He is the second largest city in the province after the capital, Zaragoza . Area of the territory is 154 square kilometers. The population in 2007 was 21,040 people. Distance from Calatayud to the provincial capital 87 kilometers.AVE high-speed rail line from Madrid and Barcelona goes through this wonderful city. The city’s motto – “Very noble and most loyal city of Calatayud.” In 1977 he became the first municipality in democratic Spain, because there have been elections, held the day before all the other cities, as well as Calatayud was prepared for the visit of King Juan Carlos I. The city was founded on the site of a settlement Celt-Iberian Romans and named as August Bilbillis. He became the birthplace of the poet Maritana 40 AD.Today the ruins of August Bilbillsa are approximately four kilometers north of Calatayud. The modern city has been founded by the Moors, near the Castle of Ayub, about 716 AD. Calatayud name comes from the Arabic “Qualat Auiub”, that there is a translation into Arabic  name “Fort Ayub.” Bilbillisa former residents had established a new location within the fort Ayub. Located between the center and the valley of the Ebro in Spain, the city occupies a strategic floor dix and retained its importance in later centuries. Starting from the eleventh century, Jewish communities lived Calatayud, who were expelled to Spain in 1492. In 1119 the city was conquered by the Muslims King of Aragon Alfonso I. Many preserved architectural structures prove the Mauritanian origin of Calatayud. The city was the capital of the province of its own in the 1822-1823 years.During the war against France, Spain, Calatayud was besieged and captured by the enemy. Now let’s talk a little about the architectural monuments of the city. One of the most historically significant buildings is the cathedral church of Santa Maria with the bell tower, which was built on the site of a mosque in the 15th century. Next, you should pay attention to is the Muslim stronghold, which is the largest and oldest of all the Muslim fortresses of the Iberian Peninsula.Next architectural decoration of the city – is the church “San Pedro”. It was founded by Ferdinand II of Aragon, and that there was held the first Parliament of Aragon in 1411.


Famous personalities associated with Calatayud:

  • Marcus Valerius Martial (38-104 years) – a poet, a classic Latin literature “Silver Age”, the master of the epigram;
  • Vincent Pinilla (1870 – 1936 years) – Catholic Blessed martyr;
  • Joaquin Disenta (1863-1917 goda) – ispanskiй playwright.

City holidays and festivals:

  • Easter;
  • Pilgrimage in honor of Christ (1 May);
  • Sancta Iniro Day (June 1);
  • Day Saint Rocha (August 14-16);
  • Virgen de la Peña (September 8-12).