Nature reserve, park, beach, sea, rocks – in short nature … Nature is the most that neither is boundless, inspiring, breathtaking … All that merged together in the Spanish town of Cabo de Gata, located in Andalusia, where the hero begins its journey novel by Paulo Coelho.

Spanish town

Spain, Andalusia

After a tiring trip in the car with a thirty heat seemed impossible to save at least the remainder of the day.Exhausted and tired, we were shaking on the road and finally arrived at the campground , we booked in advance. All the staff here (and, in general, in Spain ) spoke excellent English. After all the organizational issues still decided to try to tune into optimism and spend the evening with advantage.

Still remember the rapturous sigh escaped from the breast when leaving the campsite. The man who first saw the sea, mountain ranges, probably experiencing the same thing. However, we, avid travelers and just real picky, surprise was pretty easy. Yet, nature, powerful and unique, prevailed. After standing for five minutes with my mouth open and waiting until breast subside all sighs and butterflies in my stomach flutter stop, we went to the sea.

road to the sea

The beauty of the world

Numerous wild cactus standing, as if nothing had happened, by the side of the road unexplored; palms, growing up is not, and breadth, the scorching sun – all that was waiting for us on the way to the water. Blue sky, golden scorched grass and sand-colored mountains fringed blue endless sea. We never met no one, as if all of this nature was not designed for the views of other tourists source , as if at that moment it was fully provided for us. And just playing away horse, black as night and fast as the wind, so incomprehensible creature, scared to cross the road, retired with us on this magical expanse.

Sites in Spain

Road to the sea

Tired after a long way and are languishing from the heat, we finally came to the sea . Blue and calm, it is only gently caressed our feet noiseless tidal waves. Encouraged by the cool touch of the water, we left things on the beach and has been thought to come into it, but fortunately, in time to see sea urchins literally covered the seabed. From someone’s mouth sounded frustrated, well, someone just sighed … Until then we, the people, capricious! Some five minutes ago, we admired all this charm, all the beauty that surrounds us; only a few moments earlier from our chest broke the first excited sigh, and that a feeling of dissatisfaction arose in us. But nothing can be done, people tend to depend on external factors, and here we are, having parted with the idea of closer acquaintance with the sea, walk along the beach.

Morskoi fg

Rocks and sea

However, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining (in this case, of course, it’s hard to call anything “lean”, but, as has been said, our brains declared inability to go to sea does something unpleasant, and we do not could do about it) and a few meters from us, we saw rocks, connecting with each other in a semicircle. How many movies and photos with small coves, with cozy small beach were we looked and what modest, as it turned out, we had guesses about how great it was to be there. Descent to the place we immediately joyfully announced paradise, was possible only from above. To get to the promised beach, we had to go down a steep cliff down and try not to break wow, because down there, waiting for us dreamboat. Overcome all obstacles, we were safe and sound, and I want to say that this place is well worth the walk down to it was so complicated and not very comfortable.


The first thing that caught our eye was the people. Here rested only local, and all of them with a friendly smile and curiosity immediately drew attention to us. Well, we, with a modest smile and burning with sand heels, steel located directly under the rocks where the sun burned not so much. Became a pleasant surprise as well, and the fact that at the bottom was not a single prickly resident. Throwing off his clothes (shirt and shorts if, of course, can be called clothing) we ran into a long-awaited blue coolness. The water was warm enough, and we were able enough nakupatsya and enjoy the feeling that, unfortunately, have not experienced in the city, where we came from.


Spanish Food

Naplavatsya, fill enjoy the atmosphere and received (I would even say “perepoluchiv”) portion of inspiration, our thoughts began to remind us of the bread. It is imperative to look for a long time we did not have. Near the very rock on which we get to the beach (which, incidentally, has proudly dubbed “our”) and we have found a simple, but very cozy restaurant , which offers a beautiful view of our small beach. Needless to say, the seafood served here lifted. Shrimp, clams, mussels, sea bream, B bass, monkfish and other marine inhabitants that are not found in cold Russia – all perfectly cooked and beautifully served. Also worth a try national Spanish dishes: zarzuela (Spanish zarzuela) – assorted fish fillet, cuttle fish, shellfish and some other neighbors Sponge-Bob (not plankton, do not worry) based on fish broth with a thick sauce; gazpacho – a kind of cold soup, it seemed to me like a tomato juice, and some other local delicacies.

Zarzuela fish

Philosophical reflections

Be that as it may, I have already mentioned in the beginning of the story by Paulo Coelho said: “Sometimes you have to go around the world to understand that the treasure is buried in your own home.” And we are ready to get ready to search! Maybe someday we’ll find this very treasure under his nose, well, now … why not go traveling in search of it? For the world – he’s so huge and so much fun! Perhaps before you find a treasure that lies quietly at our house and waiting for us, we still find a lot of different jewelry in different parts of the world? .. At least I have one already and you just found it with pleasure introduced.

Natural Park

Endless, endless, peaceful and settled life … Untouched, unspoiled nature … That’s the impression that I left this place. Turquoise sea, mountain ranges, white sand … seagulls cry from the heart …