Located only 28 km. north of the center of Buenos Aires, this beautiful and colorful city located on the banks of the Parana Delta exotic. It is a short train ride and is a great place to visit, as an activity day trip in Buenos Aires. The outdoor activities in tiger range from a tour through the stunning islands of the Delta del Tigre, walk around the lovely town, go for a ride on the roller coaster amusement park on the coast, or bet poker tables in the Casino. Getting to Tigre is very simple, just take the train from Buenos Aires (the Mitre Line), runs regularly from Retiro, in the center of the city, and after 40 minute journey through the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, Tigre is reached.


– Tigre Art Museum:
Originally built as a social club for Argentina aristocratic society, the Tigre Art Museum has become an important meeting place for the rich and famous. The beautiful structure is located on the banks of the Luján River, at the end of the Paseo Victoria where you can participate in many outdoor activities.

– Puerto de Frutos:
If you are lucky enough to visit during their stay in Tigre Buenos Aires, you can not miss this beautiful market. Many years ago it was the main port of fruits and vegetables, but now the Puerto de Frutos is a craft market that attracts local artists to exhibit unique works of art, made ​​from the natural resources of the area.