The oldest residential district of Buenos Aires, San Telmo breathes a special historical atmosphere. As one of the most important centers in the nineteenth century, San Telmo has preserved many architectural sites, museums, antique shops and beautiful old churches in Buenos Aires today serve as backdrop for business, culture and everyday activities. San Telmo is a great place to stroll on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the show, do some sightseeing, eat and go to have a coffee at one of the awesome notable cafes.
Undoubtedly highly ranked in the top ten in Buenos Aires, San Telmo is one of the best places in Buenos Aires to really get a feel for the culture of Argentina.


– Plaza Dorrego
in the heart of the historic center of San Telmo, Plaza Dorrego offers one of the most authentic for tourists and locals, who seek designs and original colonial structures experiences. Throughout the weekend, the central square of San Telmo is filled with awesome crafts and antiques market. On Sunday afternoon, the cobbled square becomes an outdoor milonga, where experts and amateurs couples will dance tango.Location: Between the streets Defensa and Humberto Primero.