This area off the coast of Buenos Aires is the most modern part of the city. With towering glass skyscrapers, chic restaurants and trendy nightclubs, Puerto Madero is enjoyed by rich and famous. He is a young neighborhood that left the largest redevelopment project in the history of Buenos Aires. In 1993, the city government remodeled the old docks that had been part of the harbor, giving way to opportunities for new development in the city, in a safe and ideal for leisure and luxury living area. Puerto Madero is today considered the most important center for business and also one of the tourist attractions you can not miss when you are sightseeing in Buenos Aires.


– Women Bridge
This pedestrian bridge is an architectural landmark in the history of Buenos Aires and it is impossible to miss. It was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. A white wing shooting from the sidewalk of the bridge. For some locals Bridge Women resembles a woman dancing tango. Location: Dock 3 in Puerto Madero.

– Ecological Reserve
behind this wonderful piece of architecture modern Puerto Madero, in the animated Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve is. Amazing and peaceful hideaway, definitely the place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, in case you need a few hours of peace and quiet outdoors. Filled with amazing flora and fauna, is ideal for walking or biking along the trails leading to the Rio de la Plata attraction.Location: Avenida Tristán Rodríguez Achaval to 1500.