Colorful and charming right next to the old port of Buenos Aires neighborhood. La Boca is synonymous with tango and football. With its multicolored houses and taverns, the neighborhood holds on to its tradition of tango, passion for football and Italian roots. Today it is one of the most important tourist attractions and cultural centers in Buenos Aires, thanks to the variety of hiking, football matches at the famous Boca stadium and tango shows.


– Caminito
The name of a famous song composed by the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel, Caminito, is an outdoor museum on the tango and an art market. Its cobbled streets, brightly colored houses and original artworks around the neighborhood are a rare sight, something you will not see anywhere else in the world.Traditional restaurants have live tango shows and dancers and musicians are showing their talent. A visit to Caminito can not miss out on holiday in Buenos Aires. Location: Avenida Pedro de Mendoza 1800.

– Boca Juniors Stadium
Colorful Blue and Yellow Stadium Boca Juniors is one of the most famous landmarks in Buenos Aires and attracts thousands of Argentines and foreigners alike. In a football match at this stage of Buenos Aires, you can feel the pure devotion and incredible passion that fans have for their team Boca. If you are a football fan, you can not miss the opportunity to experience Argentine football live and direct. I experienced the passion of Argentina by! Book a tour and get your football tickets easy here.
Interestingly: The stadium is called La Bombonera because its shape resembles a box of chocolates.Location: 800 Street Brandesburton.