The magnificent gray stone building, the Palace of Congress, has an imposing and impressive presence in this neighborhood, that people commonly known as “Congress.”It is a middle class with a strong commercial activity, which provides an approach to the real Buenos Aires. Congress Plaza adorned with monuments and sculptures, is the second most important Argentine political headquarters.Many manifestations or begin or end in Congress as it is only ten blocks from the Plaza de Mayo through the Avenida de Mayo. Argentines are very involved and committed to the policies of their country, and they love to show it. And there is no doubt that you will run into a demonstration or two while you visit Buenos Aires.


– Conference
His impressive construction makes this palace one of the architectural landmarks of Buenos Aires. Built in the late nineteenth century, Congress faces the Plaza Congreso, a huge park with monuments and sculptures that create a quiet area in the middle of the busy downtown. Location: Entre Rios / Avenida Callao and Avenida Rivadavia 1700.

– Avenida Corrientes
One of the main avenues of Buenos Aires, Corrientes Avenue intersects with Avenida 9 de Julio and the Obelisk before continuing in the center of Buenos Aires. Corrientes is of great cultural interest to the locals, thanks to the wide variety of theaters, has unofficially become the Broadway of Buenos Aires. It is also home to many tango houses, excellent libraries (many of them with a selection of literature in other languages) and Italian pizzerias entertain the residents of the city late into the night. Location: Avenida Callao to 400, intersection with Corrientes Avenue 1700-800.