How to buy a branded item at a ridiculously low price? You do not need to wait for the sales, because you can visit any of the outlets in Europe.

Europe Outlet Fidenza Village: in the suburbs of Milan

Russian ladies have long chosen this city as the main route of shopping. But Milan is good not only SELL-OUTS .During A HOLIDAY IN ITALY do not forget to visit one of the best outlets country Fidenza Village – it is located just half an hour from the city station Fidenza. Branded items you can acquire throughout the year with discounts up to 70%. And if you’re lucky, in January and May, in the midst of seasonal sales, and all for a ridiculous price – 80% discount from the original 70%.

This boutique town famous for the fact that things are sold here as well-known designers and not too trendy, but not less interesting producers.

Arrive at A SHOPPING HUNT in this outlet in Europe in two ways: by taxi at the A1 motorway signs towards Fidenza Salsomaggiore or train – from train stations in Milan and Bologna station Fidenza.

Outlet Europe La Valle’e Village: in the suburbs of Paris



The French capital, the cradle of world fashion, presented shopaholic La Valle’e Village. Just 30 minutes away, and you can see firsthand that branded items with 90% discount – a reality and not a myth.

Boutique town together more than 70 brands. Every year the number of fashion houses, opening in La Valle’e Village its stores, is growing. And it increases our chances of always being in trend.

To purchase anything from Armani, Gucci and other famous design houses, you need to stay the course and go to this outlet in Europe by car from the A4 motorway exit 12.1. By train you can reach from the train lines Eurostar, TGV, Thalys or RER. By the way, do not forget that many more near Paris FLEA MARKETS , where you can also watch something interesting!

European outlet Bicester Village: London suburb



130 boutiques with fantastic discounts – Bicester Village is an hour’s drive from LONDON . Here are the brands as famous British designers, so the creators of fashion from other European countries. The average discount on clothes and accessories reaches 40-50%, but if you’re lucky, at the peak of sales purchase can be done at a ridiculously low price – 80% discount.

Interestingly, and whether a client Bicester Village Duchess KATE MIDDLETON , known for his love of democratic brands of clothing?

Memorize route to get to this outlet in Europe. By taxi: on the M40 motorway off junction 9. Trains from Marylebone station to Bicester North Station.

Outlet Europe Maasmechelen Village: in the suburbs of Brussels



Fan of Belgian, German and Danish fashion designers like to Maasmechelen Village – boutique village near Brussels. At the mall neighbor more than 95 fashion brands. Standard discounts here reach 60%, and during sales – up to 80%.

Feature Maasmechelen Village – its location. Outlets Europe traditionally located on the outskirts of a major city in the country, but this is equidistant from Brussels, Cologne and Dusseldorf. These cities often choose tourists who decide to visit Belgium.

To go on a SHOPPING HUNT in Maasmechelen Village, you can come here by taxi on a highway A2/E314 with departure on 33rd denouement. Or an electric train from the station to the station Brussels Genk, and from there by taxi.

Outlet Europe La Roca Village: in the suburbs of Barcelona



TOUR OF SPAIN is useful to combine with shopping in La Roca Village. Outlet is located just 40 minutes from the center of Barcelona. Driving time flies by, because the city fabulously beautiful. A soul will warm waiting fantastic discounts on branded clothes and accessories.

What’s good about La Roca Village – is its democratic character. Here adjoin famous model homes and young but promising designers. More than 90 brands to suit every taste and budget!

The only downside La Roca Village – shopping center is open only on weekdays. Therefore, if you are shopping for traditionally female-dominated weekend, try to move on a weekend excursion, not to feel annoyed before locked in a whisper paradise.

Choose any available type of travel to La Roca Village. Taxi – AP7 motorway exit at junction with number 12. On the train: Station Barcelona Sants to Granollers Centrestation, then transfer to a shuttle bus to the final destination.

Useful tips on visiting outlets in Europe:

 Useful Tips

Useful Tips

  1. Experienced visitors outlets in Europe are advised not to use public transportation when visiting boutiques villages. Not knowing the local language or dialect is not easy to come immediately to the mall. Much more efficient in terms of saving time, take a taxi. Average fare – 50 euros.
  2. Not to be seduced by an attractive discount and skillfully pick up a wardrobe, you can use the service of a professional stylist. In many outlet boutiques of Europe, there are Russian-speaking shoppers . However, it is advisable to book their services in advance.
  3. After buying any boutique town has a chance to get a refund of sales tax at the rate of 8% to 15%. Service is available only to those who do not have EU citizenship.
  4. A nice bonus to buying at a discount can be gifts and VIP-card from the shops, which are traditionally presented in peak sales .