Italian city of Venice – the dream of everyone. It is located in the north of Italy and is the island city that bathes the Adriatic Sea.


Venice feature that is beautiful in any place, even in the most remote corner. The town itself – color as facades painted in colorful color that does not have to become despondent.

It is believed that if being in Venice, you will not get lost among the many narrow streets, then you are not a real traveler. Although such cases are rare, mostly all wander around Venice, but not for long, as on the walls there are small signs with pointers.

History of Venice

There is a legend that is supported by official documents that the city of Venice was born March 25 421 BC, on the very day of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. At first it was a group of islands in the north of Italy, then it was thalassocratic State which is the Republic of Venice. But in the Italian state of Venice came only in 1866.

Italy Venice

Interestingly, in a time when there were wars on the continent and barbarians ravaged land, residents of Venice is not even concerned. Venetians learned to live in the element of water and build houses on stilts. Even the fall of the Roman Empire did not affect the life of the city. 525 inhabitants of the lagoon, the situation was considered as a special case, the prefect of the king of the Ostrogoths of Theodoric, Cassiodorus, wrote, “For you live like birds sea, your houses scattered like Cyclades, on the water surface.”

About fifteen thousand years, Venice was a center of maritime, commercial and political activities. In modern times, acted as an asset in the political bargaining European powers. From ancient times to the present dayjewelry made ​​by Venetian craftsmen are highly valued in the world of fashion and art. And in our time, Venice is a unique open-air museum.

Venice Attractions

Hallmark of Venice, of course, is its central Piazza San Marco . Hosts area considered doves. For many years there was a tradition that feeding pigeons is mandatory ritual newlyweds. Currently pigeons became less and there is a law that prohibits feed the birds, but many ignore it.

San Marco

Initially it was a small area, but after the city brought the remains of St. Mark in his honor erected Cathedral area was increased. In 1777 it was decided to increase the area to those sizes that area has now. This is the only place in the area of ​​Venice called («piazza»), all other similar places are called «campo» («Field”). This attraction was the center of political and religious life.

St. Mark’s Cathedral

Here is the famous Cathedral of St. Mark, who is often compared to the Duomo Cathedral . Legend has it that two Venetian merchants stole the relics of St. Mark was already a Muslim Alexandria and brought to Venice and the Doge Dzhustiniano Partechipatsio ordered to erect a church in honor of the saint. And since then, in fact, St. Mark is the patron saint of the city.

St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice

In 976, the church burned down completely, but soon it was built anew. Over the centuries, the cathedral was rebuilt several times. Therefore, based on its architectural elements are Basilica: Byzantine and Roman and Venetian. Facade of the Basilica, built in the gothic style, is considered the top of this trend. It is decorated with a variety of columns, reliefs, sculptures, spiers and arches.

Doge Palace

Complete the urban ensemble of the square – the Doge’s Palace. The building was built around the 9th century, after the year 812 in the residence of the Doge was moved to Venice with Malamocco (Lido Island). Nowadays, it performs the function of the city museum.

Doge's Palace in Venice

The interesting part here is that in the gallery of the museum portraits of all 120 Venetian doges, but one frame is blank. Instead images doge there stretched black fabric and has an inscription that reads: “Here is the place Marino Faliero, beheaded for the crime.”

In 1340, the palace began to acquire its Gothic style, which remains the same even today. Then, in 1404, work began on paper gates which were made by architects and Giovanni Bartolemeo booms. Actually, these are the main entrance gate to the palace. They are made in the Flamboyant Gothic style, adorned with decorative elements and allegorical sculptures.

Bridge Realto

This is just a small part of what is in Venice. This city – one big attraction that one article can not describe. But it is worth mentioning one more construction Venice – Bridge Realto. This bridge is one of the oldest bridges, which are located on the Grand Canal, he even mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare.

Bridge Realto – odnoarochny Axle; material from which it is built – stone. Bridge design resembles that of a wooden bridge. Ramps are connected at the center, to the center are two ladders, which are arranged laterally.Bridge height 7, 5 m, length of the bridge – 48 m, width – 22 m

Realto bridge is considered one of the symbols of Venice his images can be found on all possible souvenirs, postcards, etc.

Carnivals in Venice

Another highlight of this beautiful city is a Venetian Carnival . This event is considered one of the most ancient festivals on earth, was first mentioned back in 1094. Carnival masks even formed the basis for a theatrical genre – the commedia dell’arte (masque).


By tradition, the Carnival lasts for two weeks before the Great Catholic Lent. But know from history that the original carnival was dedicated to the god of fertility and harvest – Saturn. In the days of the carnival, in order to equalize all the servants and gentlemen met at the same table, and to avoid any prejudice, put on masks. Thus, the owners could forget about their titles and do all sorts of madness and slaves feel along with their masters.

In our own days, this phenomenon is more than a tourist. Every year, thousands of travelers come here to touch this ancient piece of history, because in Venice during the carnival like it was an ancient city, which was hundreds of years ago.

Food in Venice

Kitchen in Venice especially in diversity. In general, a standard Italian dishes . One and all restaurants offer pasta, pizza, ravioli and seafood.


It turns out that the Venetian tourists there is an unwritten rule – do not eat at San Marco. Indeed, the central square is always crowds of tourists, and therefore hosts institutions not care much about the quality of food for the guests. You will be served with ravioli packs or warm up a pizza in the microwave, and do not blink an eye, in fact you leave today or tomorrow. It is best to go deep into Venice, where you can find a sandwich – bars, where you can buy panini with mozzarella and tomatoes, it will be much cheaper, fresher and tastier. Yes, it does not sit down, and if they sit down, the food will be twice as expensive. But believe me, you will be in Venice, not to eat, because it is a city that makes you forget about everything.

Residents of this fabulous city, just do not have the right to be sad, because every day they are clothed in the arms of dreams of millions of people on the planet.