Mr. Quiet coves and bays Bahamas give visitors enjoying the solitude on this amazing archipelago. Bahamas consists of more than 700 palm islands with turquoise waters, where you can find many traces of ancient shipwrecks, iridescent coral reefs and an abundance of fish.


Tourism in the Bahamas

Pastel colored houses coexist with tropical greenery, dotted with colorful flowers. Many of the Bahamas has pristine coastal areas and empty beaches, where you can find complete peace, listening to the clucking of exotic birds and the soft lapping of the waves. If you want to get more active pastime on the islands you can visit the markets, bargain for ceramics, handicrafts and local art. Many newly-weds prefer to organize a wedding in the Bahamas on local traditional customs. However, if for you it is far from the Bahamas and hot then you better go for what some northern islands such as Iceland, what you can help any tour operator in Iceland .


In the Bahamas, you can enjoy swimming, diving, windsurfing and sailing. Countless Bahamian bars and clubs pulsate in percussive rhythms. Explore the ancient legends and traditions of the island can be on local cultural celebrations with interesting costumes, food and songs.

In sparkling, clear waters grow bright underwater gardens. Here is the third longest barrier reef in the world, which contains about 14.5% of all corals on the planet. exotic fruits and flowers, pine forest, barren savannas, swamps and sandy beaches – all typical landscape beautiful and amazing Bahamas.


Bahamas. Attractions

Bahamas is also called “Switzerland of the Caribbean”, which, in general, is not surprising. After all, these islands are rightfully the most luxurious and prestigious in the world. There is a huge amount of expensive boutiques, offshore banks, financial institutions and many others. It is here that you will be treated in the restaurants of the most refined cuisine that you will never forget. Well, and of course – shopping! It is a paradise for tourists who want to acquire something yourself or your loved ones.


Fine will feel at home here and those who are not used to sleeping at night. Fun, music – all this you will find in the most exclusive nightclubs.

Attractions in the Bahamas is also missing. For example, the island of New Providence – chief in the Bahamas archipelago. It is here that boils noisy secular life.


Coral reefs – it is simply a paradise for those people who go diving. There are many dive centers with competent instructors who will help you understand this simple thing anyone. In addition, there is proposed for lovers romantic yacht trip, during which you can watch the pink flamingos, dolphins, iguanas and even shark feeding !


The town center Area of ​​Parliament, which, in turn, constructed buildings of the colonial administration, the Supreme Court and Parliament itself.

Tourism in the Bahamas

In general, stay in the Bahamas Islands – it’s really cool. After all, there are so many interesting things: for lovers of quiet and relaxing holiday, and for the extreme.

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