Before the visit to Jordan , we knew about this country just what it is that Peter and the country borders the Red Sea and the Dead. But when we came to this wonderful kingdom, we have eyes are dazzled by the amount of interesting attractions. We literally did not know where to start and where to go first. Interesting places were so many that we decided to talk about each of them separately. So make yourself comfortable, because now we will focus on the capital of the kingdom of Jordan – Amman.

Until the bus drove us from the airport “Queen Alia” in the city of Amman, we have experienced a real shock. After the Himalayan mountains with snow and cold lakes, in an instant, we were in the desert under the scorching sun! Around there was nothing but sand and the bus if cutting through sand dunes raced in their heart. The sun was so bright here that did not seem to have time for him to leave as soon melt. Nevertheless, sometimes, in the middle of the desert, suddenly, there were gardens of olive trees or city of greenhouses.

Arriving at the “White City,” so called Amman, we were convinced that he was really white. Lots of light-gray buildings and very clean on the streets. Common throughout the road and plenty of taxis. On the streets of some men, and women are rare and only when accompanied by men. Everywhere shops, stores, markets and … awesome aroma of real Turkish coffee. This wonderful aroma accompanied us everywhere, on every corner. And in combination with oriental sweets is just a delight, the other word for it! Although I will not dissemble: really good and tasty oriental sweets, here, too, is not so easy to find, but if you try – you will not be disappointed.

Coffee in Jordan

From the airport, we were taken to the bus station. From the station we had to get to the hotel «Mansoor» located in «downtown». To do this, we used a taxi. In Amman, and indeed in Jordan, a taxi is the most popular form of transport. Better to use «Service-taxi» (white cars) – they are not much wind the prices, but you still need to bargain :). Average price around the city on this form of transport is about two dinars for two (80 rubles).

Bus station in Jordan

Well, suppose you do not like coffee, and sweets you will be surprised. Than-then you can lure in this wonderful city? Yeah, I know! You can also try to offer you a wonderful falyafel with the freshest pita. To him in the bargain fresh local olives for every taste. Mmm, Yum … By the way, delicious hummus falyafel and we were offered in the cafe called “Chorges” near the hotel «Mansoor». And of course we can not forget about the traditional Arabic fast food – shaverma. Such as shawarma here must still search … I think this will be enough until about the food, and then some culinary art turns :). Okay. Assume that the food does not interest you – you post. Then we go to the “Royal Automobile Museum”. In this very interesting place, you can not just look at the rare cars and motorcycles, as well as take pictures with them.Since 1950, there are over seventy cars and almost as many motorcycles, the world-renowned collector, King Hussein. And we note that there is something to see. Many exhibits, anyway, participated in the history of the reign of the royal family. This is further illustrated next to each direct participant in the events.
Shaverma in Iordanii

Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan

Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan

As I wrote in Amman we stayed at the hotel «Mansoor». Price per double room ranged from 7 to 15 dinars. Well, if you need a bed, then 5 dinars per night and it’s yours. Extra pleasant surprise for us was the hotel manager named Lyuay. Moreover, it is positive, fluent in English, gives good advice.

Okay, okay. Let’s imagine that both machines will not surprise you – that the glands have not seen or what? Then we invite you to “the Amman Citadel.” Remains of an ancient fortress, the temple of Hercules and a Byzantine church, located on a hill with interesting archaeological museum. The museum is notable for the fact that in it you can see the “Dead Sea Scrolls” in Aramaic, the ancient biblical texts and several ancient sarcophagi. It is believed that Amman stands on seven hills, and the one on which the citadel and the museum – was the first in the history of the city. There is a pleasure to walk the entire city, as if specially constructed so that it can be seen from there. way, I almost forgot – due to the fact that the city is on the hills, a feeling of complete lack of smooth roads. All roads lead either to the hill – or a hill. And we, as pedestrians, this fact very memorable :).
The Citadel in Amman
The Citadel in Amman

Roads in Amman

So, and this will not surprise you …. Maybe then the Roman amphitheater carved into the rock and a six thousand seats. This huge structure was built nearly two thousand years ago, and after reconstruction, it looks just fine. The amphitheater is located directly opposite the citadel and the view of it from there, just awesome. No? And it’s not? … Then last trump card – the mosque. I even could not imagine what the rich and beautiful they are: large and small, monochrome and colorful, modern and very ancient …
Amphitheater in Amman

Mosque in Amman

Well, if we have all the same not convinced, then the next time we invite you to take a walk around the neighborhood in Amman :).
Amman, Jordan