8 New points on the map for beach holidays

8 New points on the map for beach holidays

Once your passport has accumulated enough stamps, the choice of destination for your next vacation will be almost impossible task. If you have already explored the entire southern coast of Italy, studied the neighborhood of Barcelona and the south of France, decided on his favorite island in Greece and the times were not in Croatia, Turkey and Montenegro, it does not mean that Europe is more interesting for you beach routes remained . Where did go experienced travelers this summer or fall? We chose the place for A BEACH HOLIDAY , to which have not reached frenzied crowds.

Azores (Portugal)

The incredible beauty of the volcanic islands belonging to Portugal, located almost in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, but getting to them is not as difficult as it sounds: from Porto and Lisbon to Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel regular flights (from 150 euros round back). Total Azor to include nine islands, the smallest of them – Corvo – only 500 people live on the largest – San Miguel – about 140,000.

San Miguel Island is known for its unique mountain lakes located in volcanic kratorah, hot springs national park and Terra Noshtra; his “younger brother” of the island of Santa Maria – Holy Spirit Church, where Christopher Columbus thanked God for the discovery of America; San Jorge Island – the best in Portugal cheese and tuna;Graciosa Island – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Exists between the Azores and sea links, if you’re lucky, during travel from island to island to be able to see not only dolphins, but sperm whales, and whales.

Brighton (UK)

Even if you have been in LONDON for only a week, but the weather is warm, a short trip to the south of the country in the seaside town of Brighton in 85 km from the capital costs necessary. First, after a noisy London you are not bored, because they themselves Londoners come here not only to swim and sunbathe on your favorite pebble beach their grandparents, but also have fun in the local pubs. Secondly, Brighton deserves to one day you still have sacrificed a dip in favor of historical attractions and visited valley Devil’s Dyke, the creation of which is ascribed to the devil, went on a trip to the Taj Mahal reminiscent Palace Royal Pavilion, a ride on the first The world of electric rail Volks Railway, explore downtown street and The Lanes, and ended the day in the King’s Theatre watching a comedy with a purely British jokes.

Mykonos (Greece)

Greek island of Mykonos called Ibiza because of the endless parties with famous DJs that occur in clubs, bars, hotels, and right on the beach. The most popular place on the island for a pre-party with cocktails and sea view – bar Caprice, followed by dancing in the diving pool – Club Paradise Hotel bar or Belvedere.

Even if you decide to have fun all night, do not sleep through at least one tour of the island. Fabulous scenery with white houses and windmills, which at sunset painted in vanilla-pink color, very reminiscent of Mykonos Santorini.The island has its own mini-Venice, the ruins of Delos and mass hidden in the rocks of beaches where you can relax after a night of fun.

Mykonos get better with transfer by plane to Athens, or go there directly from Athens by ferry (26 euros, about 5 hours on the way).

Formentera (Spain)

Small Spanish island of Formentera, referring to the Balearic Islands, – a favorite place of Giorgio Armani, Kate Moss, NAOMI CAMPBELL  and royal Grimaldi family (Monaco), and two years ago there and visited the family Jolie-Pitt, and at full strength.

Most budget way to get to the island in the absence of a private jet – take the high-speed ferry from Barcelona or Valencia to Ibiza and from there to another half-hour ferry sail on Formentera. If you do not plan a romantic idleness on holiday in Formentera, you can get bored easily: the island is quite small and it is famous for its beaches, comparable with the Caribbean (most luxurious – Playa de ses Illetes). Here you can also rent a scooter or a bike, climb a lighthouse Es Cap de Barbaria, swim near the shore with a mask or take diving lessons.

Corsica (France)

Corsica – a very special state within a state. Corsicans do not consider themselves French, speak their own dialect, resembling a mixture of French and Italian, and the long struggle for independence. Mountain scenery with spiky rocks, steep slopes and dense forests just fine in nature illustrate the contradictory nature of the locals.

Going to CORSICA  just for beaches and cocktails by the sea, you will miss a lot of interesting things: the most visited attractions of the island are cliffs and Bavella Calanche with snowy mountain lakes and winding rivers and National Park Bouches de Bonifacio (Bonifacio port itself with houses right on the edge of a sheer cliff – the best place for pictures on the memory), and the most memorable entertainment – local parachute school and extreme speed boat ride in the bay Corse Adrénaline Scandola.

Get to Corsica from Moscow can only transfer in PARIS . Also on the island ferries from neighboring Sardinia.

Oludeniz (Turkey)

The tiny town of Ölüdeniz in the turquoise bay surrounded by pine trees is not like that TURKEY , which is usually massively visited our tourists on holiday. In a secluded bay Oludeniz, shaped like a tear, never waves and water depth does not exceed 10 meters, so you can swim from April until almost the end of November.

In the mountains above the bay regularly wind that attracts a huge number of paragliders. Near Oludeniz besides mountain lookouts with spectacular views, there is a ghost town with abandoned old houses, representing almost mystical spectacle, Butterfly Valley and reserve Kumburnu. Arrange a vacation in Oludeniz better not independently, but through travel agency. Trips to this place are more expensive than popular Turkish resorts, but the seats run out quickly because there are not many Oludeniz – is more European than Russian resort and hotels here rarely work on an “all inclusive”.

Altea (Spain)

The small town of Altea in eastern SPAIN , belonging to the resort area of Costa Blanca, was founded by the Moors in the beginning of the last millennium, and sometimes reminds Tunisian or Moroccan settlements in its architecture, and the main church of the city La Mare de Déu del Consol with the glazed dome looks great, as a mosque and as a Franciscan monastery at the same time. Name of the city means “health for all”, predetermined its fate: those who do not come here for the sake of learning how to operate the yacht (in Altea operates its own marine school) or scuba dive, stay in local hotels SPA-recorded on the detox diet program or undergoing treatment courses, leading myself up in close proximity to the beach.

Frisian Islands (The Netherlands)

Located in the North Sea, Wadden, or as they are called, Wadden Islands – an archipelago, most of which belongs to the Netherlands, less – Germany. These islands are a favorite destination for many Germans and Dutch, but still remain an idyllic haven for measured and secluded holiday. On the beaches of the islands, even in high season are no large clusters of vacationers and you can always find a cozy place in the dunes.

These islands are called the “Little Holland”: throughout the bike paths and all basically just move on bicycles, bypassing national park, farm with sheep, cozy cabins, hotels, where breakfast, give local goat cheese, and endless beaches, surrounded by sand dunes.

Embarking on a journey here is better with the largest island in the archipelago of Texel, where every hour for 20 minutes get ferries from the mainland port of Den Helder (100 km from Amsterdam).



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