“I want summer to last forever …” – is not the words we regularly repeat itself about the middle of August? Let’s not hope for a miracle, and expect the velvet season in our latitudes this time will not be in autumn warm, better go in search of summer in other countries where there are not only comfortable for a stay in September and October,SEASIDE RESORTS , but also interesting Attraction.

Sicily (Italy) + Malta

To visit one of the most southerly islands in the Mediterranean is best to choose the end of September or early October. And if you plan to explore more and neighboring Malta (between the islands fly planes and ferries), leave it there first with a tour itinerary, and then moves to Sicily to get more cozy on the beach.


If their stay in Malta you have limited, try to have time to visit the island’s capital Valletta, Mdina city or the island of Gozo.

Valletta – the best place for a romantic stroll. Start the day with a visit to the residence of the president, called the Palace of the Grand Master, and the Cathedral of St. John, where the Caravaggio painting “The Beheading of John the Baptist” and continue its boardwalk on urban gardens and stay on the channel on this gondola. The next day go by bus to the old capital Mdina island to explore the ancient town, or on a ship to the island of Gozo – watch the sunset through the stone gates of the rocks facing directly into the sea. To lie on the beach remaining days, you can stay on the island of Gozo, or move to Sicily near Taormina Isola Bella beach and catch in his spare time to assess bathing and Roman theaters, churches and palaces, the most preserved in Taormina.


Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong is known as the financial capital of Asia and the city skyline, but few people know that Hong Kong – it is also a resort with several beaches very different directions. The closest town to Shek O beach is popular with families with children and in the middle of the day is almost entirely occupied by travelers. Located on nearby Lantau Island Cheung Sha beach is not an example Shek O ascetic desert and beautiful, better to come here for the day, taking with them food for a picnic, and more books. Third, and not like the rest of Hong Kong beach Big Wave Bay – this place surfer suitable for teaching beginners.

After sunset, with any of the selected beaches head back to Hong Kong: Asian dining dim sum dumplings with shrimps near Tsim Sha Tsui, or try the street food at Causeway Bay, completing the evening glass of champagne at the peak of Victoria, with perhaps the best view of your life.

Hong KongHong Kong

Greek Cyclades Islands

Legend has it that Cyclades – an archipelago of 56 large and small islands in the Aegean Sea – were created by Poseidon, which, striking the mountains with his trident, their fragments scattered on the water.

The divine origin of these islands is attributed due to their incredible beauty, which are connected quaint natural volcanic relief and romantic local architecture with white and blue houses. To feel the magic of these places, just enough to visit the fabulous island of Santorini postcard or freedom-loving and Sleepless music Mykonos, we still have to make stops on Paros and Naxos, with their square huts right on the water and on Milos with its cozy white sand beaches in the rocks.

Between the islands there is a regular message in the form of cruise ships and conventional ferries. Begin their journey through the Cyclades best with the island’s capital Heraklion, Crete, from where speed ferries directly to Santorini.

Greek Cyclades Islands

Greek Cyclades Islands


From late October flows holidaymakers flock to Eilat on the Red Sea, where you can swim even in the dead of winter, while the Mid-Autumn Festival to bathing in ISRAEL is still available Mediterranean waters near Haifa, Netanya or Tel Aviv. Of these three cities more beautiful than the largest and most populous – the country’s capital Tel Aviv. But no bustle of the capital here you just do not feel the Tel Aviv live in a relaxed rhythm. If you ignore the old city of Jaffa, with its picturesque small houses, cobbled streets, bustling markets and the old port and run solely in the area of the waterfront Tayelet and the main street of bars and restaurants Dizengoff, you can suddenly find yourself in … California, it is very similar flavor.

Wake up early and completely ignore the nightlife of this city of the youth of Israel stands except for the morning surf, which will teach you here at the school for beginners near the coastal park Charles Clore Garden.


San Francisco (United States)

Best time to visit this cosmopolitan city – namely September and early October. In the list of mandatory for sightseeing in San Francisco turn hippie Haight Ashbury district with colorful houses and graffiti, Waterfront Marina with the best views of the famous bridge “Golden Gate” and Noe Valley boutiques quarter. Another day away from the sea can be sacrificed for the sake of the local wineries, where you will not only arrange a tasting, but also teach you how to understand wine.

Beach town of San Francisco Ocean Beach surfer mecca considered, the water is always cool, and the waves are big enough for swimming so it is not suitable and local use it as the best place for picnics with bonfires and music.If you want to spend all day on the water, go to the south, the beach Santa Cruz or Monterey Bay. The town of Monterey in addition to its famous beach and still fish restaurants and the largest aquarium in the United States.


Bali (Indonesia)

Indonesian island of BALI  has always been and remains one of the most affordable places for those who’ve always wanted to learn to surf, and now the island is also turned into a wintering place for many who are tired of the bustle of urban residents. But surfing for beginners and Balinese center of this sporting activity in Kuta with numerous surf schools, surf shops and surf bars – not only an attractive place on the island. The alternative could be as quiet tourist Nusa Dua and Jimbaran dynamic, famous for its fish markets and restaurants and glamorous Seminyak with expensive villas and boutiques. Once you get tired of the beach and want a change, go to the center of the island to the lost city of the rice fields of Ubud artists or hiking to the volcano Batur.



Although geographically TUNISIA  belongs to Africa, the climate is closer to the European southern countries and the bathing season lasts until about the beginning of October, after the water is still warm, but cold winds come.

Three of the most popular and affordable Tunisian resort of Hammamet, Monastir and Sousse are not much different from each other, yet in September is best to choose the most southerly of them – Monastir. To explore the city with a fortress Ribat and the old port with fish restaurants by the water, enough for one day, provided that you are not going to linger in the local golf club. Further excursion in search of entertainment need to move to the north – in the vicinity of the island’s capital Tunis in Sidi Bou Said. This romantic town on a mountain top with blue and white houses, blooming rose bushes and magnificent views of the bay or go away from the beaches to the desert to spend the whole night listening to the whistle of the dunes and watching the stars.