Respect for the environment has become a new trend in the tourism business. The increasing popularity gaining eco friendly hotels where no mindless waste water, electricity, used only natural materials and no room refrigerators, fenam, television and other appliances.

EcoHotel Chateau Mcely / «Chateau Mcely” (Czech Republic)


Only an hour away from the bustling Prague, and you can prepare for the novelty of sensations from a stay at a five-star eco friendly hotel “Chateau Mcely.” It is unique in that one of the few is the owner of the “green” EU certificate.

To maintain this high status, the hotel staff working tirelessly. Rainwater is used by them for watering the garden.River – is carefully filtered to be fit for human consumption. Rubbish sent for processing, because it can still serve.

In “Chateau Mcely” unlike most ecohotel, visitors will not be disappointed by the lack of air conditioning. Despite the fact that the main source of electrical power is the sun, the status of 5 stars does not allow guests to feel out of place.

Especially good in the hotel SPA-PROCEDURES . Of course, and here are used solely ecological materials and ingredients.

EcoHotel Kurisa Moya / «Kuris” (South Africa)


Imagine a cabin in the woods, out of the window which you can reach the crowns of neighboring trees. But it is not because he is a multi-storey. Ecohotel “Kuris” in South Africa built on stilts three meters to the foundation is not damaged vegetation. Unprepared tourists here waiting for a shock, because the hotel is no electricity, no running water usual. Need to stock up on batteries, so at night you do not accidentally fall off the three-meter height. And in the bathroom, you can imagine yourself, for example, a nymph. Because the water is not flowing in the usual pipes and a fantastic way flows from the tree.

But the achievements of civilization and not alien to this ekootelyu. On its territory there is a pool.

Animation lovers will be invited to LEAVE THE NATIVES , namely acquainted with the customs of local tribes, who regularly arrange demonstrations of song and dance.

EcoHotel Matava / «Matava” (Fiji)


Fashionable environmental trend is not spared and the island of Fiji. In eco friendly hotel “Matava” always welcome guests who will not be disappointed because of the lack of the usual amenities: air conditioning, TV, telephone and hair dryer. The fact that the hotel owners have equipped each room-hut with solar panels. But no matter how hot or tropical sun beating down, day supply only enough energy for lighting homes. If you need to recharge your laptop or mobile phone, this request will have to apply to the staff ekootelya.

It is good practice here is considered not to leave behind garbage that can not be recycled.

As compensation for the unpretentious accommodation awaits vacationers enchanting VACATION AT SEA : diving, surfing and fishing. Marine fish lovers will particularly pleased, because local cuisine put recipes for gourmets.

EcoHotel Wadi Feynan / «Feynan” (Jordan)

 "Mont Shua"“Mont Shua”

The national Jordanian Dana Reserve fans ECOLOGICAL REST awaits hotel “Feynan.” As conceived by the owners, here arranged three types of rooms: maximum, medium and minimum comfort. In the first two guests waiting room in oriental style, which is dominated by handmade carpets. But the mini-comfort – this clay walls and conditions, which are suitable only for ascetics. But even those numbers are never empty. Most likely, visitors are drawn to the novelty of sensations.

In ecohotel “Feynan” traditionally economically relate to the consumption of electricity, because its main source is the sun. And at night here handmade candles burn. If the battery or mobile phone camera is not enough, do not worry. The staff is always willing to help and provide for temporary use very real electrical outlet.

EcoHotel Mon Choix / «Mont Choyzi” (Mauritius)


Small family ecohotel “Mont Choyzi” will delight lovers without any signs of harmful civilization. Here use the sun’s energy-saving lamps, cook only from freshly caught seafood, vegetables and fruits are treated with their garden, vegetable garden, recycle waste into secondary raw material.

In ecohotel a cosy atmosphere that guests could not feel wronged without the usual household items. And even when there is no access to the Internet will not be bored, because the services of fans  ENVIRONMENTAL RECREATION boating, surfing, fishing, horse riding, golf and barbecue.