Coral reefs with curious shapes, green beaches, a crater white, smoky mountains, stunning waterfalls and hidden in the jungle; caves that look like a scenery of another planet, idyllic islands, red-rock canyons, waterfalls … underground.

The old paper calendar, for those who still use it, should be running thin … It’s time to review the year’s best. In practicality, throughout the year we traveled above all an interesting list of natural wonders big and small, that often go unnoticed unfairly. Unknown (or almost) Wonders is the topic of this list we started to shut down a year “finding” unique sites:

1 A reef where the coral forming a heart

F. Delventhal 

In 1975, a plane flying over the reefs around the  Whitsunday Islands , where one of the pilots discovered a natural formation shaped heart that today is a symbol of the region, and even the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

2 A white crater in Indonesia

Julie Daniel

White crater Kawah Putih is called, and is west of Java. It is one of the many volcanoes in the area and there is a dormant crater with a lake of acidic water and shades ranging from white to blue and the effect of sulfur oxidation.

3 An original beach in Turkey


Odeliz Beach is located southwest of the country. Among crystalline waters in the Aegean Sea, the beach has the distinction of staying calm as a pond, and in the middle of a blue lagoon. At the same time, the beach sand resembles a peninsula within a bay.

4 An underground world is another planet (Lechuguilla, United States)


The  Lechuguilla cave  provides unusual or extraordinary underground landscapes. I mean which is the fifth cave (known) world’s longest, with 166 kilometers of length estimates, and largely unexplored …

5 One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, in Peru


The Gocta waterfall, is northwest of Peru, and is also known as CV. It was discovered a few years ago to the world, and with 771 meters of fall, is also one of the highest in the world, one of the most beautiful.

6 A spring cascading over a Canyon (United States)


At 15 meters high and 46 wide, the Shasta waterfall is fed by springs running down the canyon wall.It is one of the most colorful of all California.

7 A blue lake in New Zealand.

Anthony Cramp

Lake Pukaki is one of the most famous New Zealand. Fed by glaciers and snowy peaks between his captive blue eyes, and is one of the great attractions of the country.

8 A cavern 200 meters in Italy.

Ben Francis

Frasassi caves, a chain of caverns that stretch for 13 miles Gola della Rossa into the Nature and Frasas called. One of the larger rooms of the caves has no less than 180 by 120 meters, and a height that reaches 200

9 A forest that seems Jurassic in Chile

Fernando Ruiz Altamirano

In one section of the Cordillera de la Costa in Chile, growing a forest of pine, species that dates from ancient times and that grows abundantly in the Nahuelbuta Natural Park.

10 A green sand beach in Hawaii

Laureen Bacon

Its sands are green thanks to a mineral from volcanic ash. Called Papakolea Beach, a bay formed on a cone of volcanic ash for thousands of years are eroded by the sea.

11 A real mountain of fire in Indonesia

Jimmy McIntyre

In Indonesia, there are numerous volcanoes, but none as active as  Mount Merapi . Is tapered, and is located southeast of  Jakarta , in  East Java . The data illustrating the activity records that had no less than 69 eruptions in the last 460 years

12 A vertical cave in Alabama, United States

Jeff Hunter

Stephens Gate is not as accessible cave, which dazzles with its scenic setting and how “vertical”, steep and sharp decline by the erosion of a waterfall.

13 An idyllic island in Thailand

Vyacheslav Argenberg

There are more and lesser known paradises on the planet. Koh Lipe is an island in the Tarutao National Park, a site protected from any abuse of tourism development. What remains to be learned are amazing beaches between tranquility

14 A stunning active volcano in Russia

Einar Fredriksen

In Russia there are many active volcanoes, especially east and Siberia. And among them, in the Kamchatka peninsula is the Avatsjinskij volcano, an active “natural fire” that provides unique natural sights of fumaroles.

15 And another small idyllic island (Thailand)

David Sim

The island is called Koh Nang Yuan, a small paradise of beaches between rocky formations and vegetation. Ideal for sports on water and explore.

16 A giant forest under the sea.

John  / California Coast

Not in one place, but in different parts of the world grow giant kelp precisely large marine plants with many species capable of forming true underwater forests of  up to 80 meters high.

17 The rock made a bonsai in the United States.

Steve Dunleavy

If we know something of the art of  bonsai , we understand the difficult task that involves growing trees reducing its size by various techniques which model the shape. Interestingly, in a corner of Lake Tahoe, in the United States, the art of bonsai has occurred naturally over a photogenic rock and a couple of trees.

18 waterfalls blue water in Mexico

Juani Peyro

The tributaries of rivers neighborhoods together to form a single drop of water falling from cliffs in the state of Chiapas. Color is produced by the presence of carbonate salts, a shade that contrasts with dense vegetation.

An island with 19 swimmers pigs in Bahamas

Christopher Dorobek

In the Bahamas there is dotted with 360 islands (cays) area in the district of  Exuma . In one of them uninhabited, arriving shipped anything that fails to fit. On the beach there pigs at the approach of a boat with tourists, are released to swim and in a way, to give a friendly welcome .

20 A crescent-shaped island in Hawaii

Forest Starr and Kim Starr

It’s called Molokini Island, a small hill jutting out into the sea with a crescent. This is an inactive volcanic crater hovering between crystal waters and attracts some boats every day.


21 A waterfall in the Painted Desert (Arizona, USA)

Frank Kovalchek

Water falls over a barren landscape and clay. Grand Falls has more height than Niagara Falls, but it is on an isolated road in not so good website, so it is a real rarity almost unknown.

22 And the Jurassic Park waterfall in Hawaii

Julian Fong

Niagara Manawaipuna are part of the wonders of Hawaii, a stunning waterfall inside a private property that is protected from tourists, dozing fame potential. But equally, it was part of the scenery of the film Jurassic Park, no less.

23 A flat rock eroded as a grid in Tasmania

JJ Harrison

Looks like a worn floor tiles, and yet is a weathered rock in a way  completely natural . The name of this natural phenomenon is a “tessellated pavement” an erosion of sedimentary rock in rather unusual oceanic coasts .

24. beach between white cliffs in Italy

Davide Restivo

Quiet beach from a rocky cliff on the coast of Realmonte, south of Sicily. It is another of the natural wonders of the list, for the world, goes mostly unnoticed

25 A submerged forest in Kazakhstan.


Image  Jonas Satkauskas

In Kazakhstan there is a lake of “just” 400 meters long in a mountain area where after an earthquake in 1911, a landslide ending dislodging an area of forest in the middle of water occurs.The forest is submerged, but curiously, the dried stems, by the strength of the wood remain upright as if they were immovable columns over a century later.

26 A perfect beach in the middle of the Amazon (Brazil)

Crab trips

Alter do Chao  is a place literally lost in the Amazon. Nestled between a lake connected to the Tapajós River in the place between July and January downspout water undressing a little paradise of Caribbean style occurs, but in the Amazon.

27 A red rock canyon in Canada

Mike Lawton

It is within the  Waterton Lake National Park in Alberta, Canada, an area of mountains, lakes, meadows, and wetlands with magnificent landscapes.

28 A natural arch 90 meters high in the United States

Jason Hickey

It is called Rainbow Bridge (English  Rainbow Bridge National Monument ) a natural arch that is among the largest in the world, 85 feet long, 10 wide, and most impressively, its 90 meters high.

29 The most beautiful waterfall in China

jan go

The Detian waterfall, it may be another surprise in natural landscapes of China. It is part of Guichun River and is 120 meters wide, no less.

30 An underground waterfall 45 meters high

Natalie Lucier

It’s called Ruby Falls, and is within a complex of caves (Lookout Mountain) near Rock City, Tennessee, United States. It was discovered in wanting to build a tourist ride inside the resort nearby caves.