25 Interesting Facts:

  1. Indonesia is the largest island and populous state in the world. The whole country consists of 17,800 islands.
  2. The main religion in Indonesia – Islam, hold 86% of its population. The remaining 9% – Christians, 3% – the Hindus and the remaining 2% – Buddhists and others. But in Bali a very different picture. Almost 90% of the local population of the island – the Indians.
  3. Nice scooter in Bali can be rented for just 500,000 rupees a month ($ 52) or 35,000 rupees a day ($ 3.6).
  4. In Indonesia, a very cheap fuel – the price of one liter of gasoline costs 4,500 rupees ($ 0.46).
  5. Mount Agung (3142 meters) in Bali is considered the most sacred place on the island. At his side face all the temples of the island and try to sleep all Baliniytsy head towards this volcano.
  6. The most reliable and cheap telephone in Indonesia – Telkomsel SimPATI.
  7. Almost all the major cities in Indonesia can easily find free housing through CouchSurfingand thus get acquainted with the local youth.
  8. Almost all local eatery (Warung) can be a hearty meal for just 15,000 rupees ($ 1.5).
  9. On the main island of Java, local residents will constantly ask you to take a picture with them. ‘Hello misterrr, can I take picturrre with you?’ – A standard phrase. By the way, even if you’re a girl, you will still be called ‘Mister’.
  10. Prices for food and shelter on the main island of Java, sometimes two to three times cheaper than in Bali.
  11. Markets and shops where no price tags, you can safely fold and haggle their price two to three times.
  12. In the jungles of Bali, you can see wild monkeys.
  13. Bali Ubud – city yogis, Kuta – city clubbers.
  14. Foremost among tourists in Bali – the Australians, the second – the Japanese and the third – the Chinese.
  15. Parking a scooter or car near the tourist spots and large stores usually costs 1000-2000 rupees.
  16. Maximum bribe worth paying police for driving a scooter without a helmet and rights – 50,000 rupees. Let us no longer, even if you will scare a large fine and a police station.
  17. Every second Baliniytsa name Vaillant (regardless of gender).
  18. On the island of Komodo lizards live – they are dinosaurs or dragons.
  19. The maximum amount which can be withdrawn from ATMs in Indonesia – 3,000,000 rupees ($ 312).
  20. Indonesia was once a Dutch colony and it strongly affects the architecture of many cities.
  21. In Indonesia, the left-hand traffic, as well as in Thailand.
  22. Maximum stay in Indonesia without leaving – 6 months (this requires a social visa). After this period you need to go to a neighboring country and make a new visa to re-enter Indonesia.
  23. Bali people celebrate New Year a very unusual way – in complete silence. Within 24 hours nobody on the island out of the house. All restaurants, offices, schools and shops are closed.
  24. Housing prices in Bali budget guest-houses range from 100,000 ($ 10) to 200,000 rupees ($ 20) for rent for long term (weekly, monthly) – cheaper. We, for example, rent a house in Ubud for just $ 450 a month.
  25. In Indonesia, full of tropical fruits: snake fruit, pineapples, strawberries, apples, bananas different varieties, tangerines, papaya, mangosteen, rambutan, wood apple, durian, passion fruit, dzhekfruct . All this can be seen on almost any fruit market.